Repeating the Past?

Let’s take a look back at a historic figure.  This person used nationalism and xenophobia for political gain.  He vilified an entire religion, telling lies about followers to inflame fear and hate, perhaps even violence.  He said the places of worship for these people should be shut down and the people themselves should be forced to always carry something to identify their religion so everyone could recognize them and not be fooled.

I’m talking about Hitler, right?  It all fits.  Hitler.  Or, well, uhm, it also fits Donald Trump.

With his latest lies, repeating that he witnessed thousands and thousands of Muslims in New Jersey celebrating as they watched the Twin Towers crumble he has gone beyond plain political rhetoric and has entered deeply into hate-mongering.

To me, what is very scary, is that as he has taken pages from Hitler’s book and started this wholesale attack against millions of Americans, perhaps as many as 12 million of our citizens and 1.6 billion people worldwide, his support has grown.  People are flocking to his words of hate, just as they did to Hitler before him.

We need to look back to history.  As George Santayana said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”  It looks like a lot of Americans want to repeat what happened in Europe in the 1930s and 1940s, but this time with the US in the place of Nazi Germany.


3 thoughts on “Repeating the Past?

  1. Sorry. I don’t accept any of the “like Hitler” comparisons as worthy of serious discussion. Trump is a guy with a big wallet and bigger mouth, but he’s really not bent on world domination. He is a BIT of a fascist, but so are a lot of family business owners and high school football coaches.

    • To be 100% truthful, if elected I don’t think Trump would round up all of the Muslims and send them to concentration camps any more than I think he’d really round up all 11 million “undocumented”/”illegal” immigrants. What scares me isn’t Trump himself. It is all of those people listening to him, nodding their heads and saying “Yep, every Muslim wants to see the downfall of America and the institution of Sharia Law in the US.” We already have a hard enough fight against the true extremists in groups like ISIS, we do not need to create more through our words of hate.

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