Y2K and Today

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The Y2K Bug!  Not something most people think about today.  A lot of you young folk may have no idea what it was about.  I bet even some of you older people don’t really know…

Back in the early days of computing, we used two digits for the date.  This was at first done because of hardware and software limitations, but later it was just the default.  What this meant, is that a computer in 1965 would show the year as 65.  That same computer in 1987 would show 87.

In the late ‘80s some people began to ask the world what was going to happen when the computer that controlled the damn or power plant showed 00 for 2000. Most ignored it for a few years, but then around 1997 people suddenly woke up to the fact that they only had three years to fix any problems.

Testing was…

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