Repeating the Past?

Let’s take a look back at a historic figure.  This person used nationalism and xenophobia for political gain.  He vilified an entire religion, telling lies about followers to inflame fear and hate, perhaps even violence.  He said the places of worship for these people should be shut down and the people themselves should be forced to always carry something to identify their religion so everyone could recognize them and not be fooled.

I’m talking about Hitler, right?  It all fits.  Hitler.  Or, well, uhm, it also fits Donald Trump.

With his latest lies, repeating that he witnessed thousands and thousands of Muslims in New Jersey celebrating as they watched the Twin Towers crumble he has gone beyond plain political rhetoric and has entered deeply into hate-mongering.

To me, what is very scary, is that as he has taken pages from Hitler’s book and started this wholesale attack against millions of Americans, perhaps as many as 12 million of our citizens and 1.6 billion people worldwide, his support has grown.  People are flocking to his words of hate, just as they did to Hitler before him.

We need to look back to history.  As George Santayana said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”  It looks like a lot of Americans want to repeat what happened in Europe in the 1930s and 1940s, but this time with the US in the place of Nazi Germany.


Stop Giving Them a Victory

I want you to ask yourself a question: Why did IS carried out a terrorist attack in Paris?  Did you say, “Because they hate our freedom”? Uhm, no. That is what the war hawks tell you to justify your anger. The terrorists actually believe they are freer than you. To some small extent they did it as vengeance against attacks on their “country”. An eye for an eye, a suicide attack in exchange for a missile attack. But that was a slim justification. Think of this: they know a terrorist attack will not make us pull back our attacks and will most likely increase them. They also know that these types of attacks alienate them from most Muslims who condemn such violence. It is a huge risk to carry out these attacks, so why do them at all?

One reason is that they want a backlash against Muslims in Western countries. They want us to marginalize Muslims, to attack them to say bad things about Muslims. Why? To win more people to their side. Continue reading


A Very Brief Word on US Politics

I always find it very interesting to read non-US news sources.  Of course, speaking English, I usually read British sources.  There is the Economist, of course, but my main source of news is the BBC web site.

Here is an article I really liked.  It explains so much of what is wrong with US politics.  Don’t read this as something about “gun rights” or “gun control”.  The main point of the article is how the minority point of view in this country often holds the rest of the country hostage.  No where is this more true than a very small but ultra powerful band of Republican Congressmen, the Freedom caucus, whose  zero compromise, ultra-radical right point of view often winds because they know how to shout the loudest.

Click here for article

The other huge issue with US politics is money, but that will have to wait for another day.